We have the ability to change our destiny, in ours there is this land.

We are located on the hills of Spessa di Cividale, in the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali, a territory which has become famous over the years for its prestigious wines. Our estate is made up of a central winery that is surrounded by 15 hectares of land, of which 10 are vineyards.

Enchanted forests, smooth hills and terraced vineyards make up our view. Our personal vision is to make few wines that are qualitatively excellent and that respect this gorgeous land.

Here there is everything which is necessary to cultivate quality, thanks to a unique territory which is made up predominantly of marl that is an ideal sublayer for viticulture and thanks to a particular climate given by the closeness between the sea and the mountains.

Our 10 hectares of vineyards are situated in a natural terraced amphitheatre which is exposed towards the four Cardinal points. The planning of the new vineyards has been committed to the studio “Per Le Uve” of the agronomist Giovanni Bigot who, only after having accurately studied the soil and microclimate, has chosen the clones and the rootstocks, the choice of the wines is not related to the trend of the moment but to what is possible to cultivate in this land.

In 2017 the works to build the cellar and the terraces started, in 2018 we planted the first 5 hectares and in 2019 the remaining 5 hectares. In the 10 terraced hectares we cultivate Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon, Malvasia to obtain white still wines, Merlot as the only red wine and Chardonnay and Pinot Nero that will be used to produce sparkling wine with the classic method.

The viticulture is completely BIOLOGICAL, free from herbicides and pesticides.

Kriegskarte, 1798-1805 Extract from the document “Il Ducato di Venezia nella carta di Anton von Zach”.

The “Topographisch-geometrische Kriegskarte von dem Herzogthum Venedig” is a military topographical-geometrical map of the Ducato of Venice, commissioned by the Austrian State between 1798 and 1805 and conserved in the Kriegsarchiv of Vienna, it was drawn by a group of topographers coordinated by the officer Anton von Zach for a defensive purpose. Only in 2005, after two hundred years it had been drawn, it became of public domain.

The map represents the territory with all the hills, forests, ditches and ravines, some of which are now forgotten, and it is thanks to this map that we were able to find the old toponyms after which we have named our wines.

This makes up an essential tool for the knowledge of this land because it represents the identity card of places, signs and names that emerge as particular heritage which is common in the constitution of Europe and certify our identity. A land which is on the border that has seen numerous wars and invasions and that today is an example of absolute peace and beauty.

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