Friulan's are dream weavers by nature.

An undeletable memory is when we were little and we spent summers picking up grapes and then participating at the final fest of the grape harvest which is typical in these lands. This is something that belongs to our past and to our childhood. Then life took us away from these days as it is normal, but not for so long because we have these lands in our blood and the power of will brought us back here, at the starting point.



We have the ability to change our destiny, in ours there is this land.

We are located on the hills of Spessa di Cividale, in the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali, a territory which has become famous over the years for its prestigious wines. Our estate is made up of a central winery that is surrounded by 15 hectares of land, of which 10 are vineyards.

Enchanted forests, smooth hills and terraced vineyards make up our view. Our personal vision is to make few wines that are qualitatively excellent and that respect this gorgeous land.



We threw all caution to the wind
and collected pure poetry.


Brothers, sons, friends, border people.
Free men.

Our work group is made up of brothers, sons and friends. We share with them the dream of a wine that is going to be the ambassador of the values we believe in and an authentic representative of the typical Italian taste for good things made to perfection.


80-20 METHOD

The young and the old.

The same vineyard, two different ages, we combine the grapes from the old vineyards, more complex and with more minerality, with the ones from the young vineyard that presented a more fruity flavour.

A stimulating combination that gives personality and expressiveness to each of our wines.

Our journey begins today, a trip that started with the precious collaboration with the oenologist Gianni Menotti who is an attentive observer and expert of our territory, creator of wines that give emotions and that tell the story of a land, its people and their dreams.


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A story about beauty and courage.
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