Friulan's are dream weavers by nature.

An undeletable memory is when we were little and we spent summers picking up grapes and then participating at the final fest of the grape harvest which is typical in these lands. This is something that belongs to our past and to our childhood. Then life took us away from these days as it is normal, but not for so long because we have these lands in our blood and the power of will brought us back here, at the starting point.

For this reason, we threw all caution to the wind. We went back to Spessa di Cividale, in the Colli Orientali of Friuli, where our feeling of brotherhood and love for the land is stronger. We fell in love with the silence, the cold winters, the blue skies that belong to these territories and fulfilled our dream which sprouts, grows, and then becomes wine.

In our dream there is the safeguard of the future.

We want to make the future the best place to reach, and we want to be sure to have taken the best choices for the protection of this land and of the new generations, keeping in mind the existence of a more complex ecosystem.

For this reason, we have obtained an environmental certification called UNI EN ISO 14001 for the protection and safeguard of the territory we live in.

The winery was projected to be self-sufficient from the energetic point of view and is provided with a modern purification plant for the wastewaters.

In the path that led us to the research of quality and to the safeguard of the environment, we have decided to take the road of a resistant viticulture: in the plateau, in the valley near the forest the PIWI vines were planted because they are able to defend themselves from the main vineyard diseases. Belonging to PIWI vines, three white wine variations were planted which are Soreli (from the Friulano family), Kretos and Rytos (both belonging to the Sauvignon family), with the objective to obtain the first bioresistant Cuvèe of the company.

We cultivate the vineyards with the biological method in order to ban the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The manual grape harvest guarantees an accurate selection of the grapes and so the winemaking of a higher quality product.


We threw all caution to the wind
and collected pure poetry.

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A story about beauty and courage.
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